The Italian company Factory Software will be one of the sponsors of the Data Management Summit in Spain and Italy

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At the moment over 200 professionals have registered for the events which will be held on 17 September in Pavia (Italy) and 16 October in Madrid (Spain).  The events are non-profit and take place in public universities. 

Bi Factory ( «distinctive brand” with which FACTORY SOFTWARE presents itself to the market, and where Bi stands for Be innovative, to characterize the spirit «of doing differently and effectively» since 1998 Digital Knowledge Advisor and Microsoft Gold Data Analytics Partner is dedicated to the extraction, selection, organization and analysis of business data and their transformation into information, knowledge and KPI’s to guide business processes and plan strategies.

It operates in the world of ICT Data design, in the areas of Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Data Interactive Presentation, supporting companies in the innovation processes of business processes. 

There are two areas: BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT & IoT smart project.

It adopts an «Agile» methodology and state-of-the-art MICROSOFT tools to transform data into knowledge, values, and actions that lead companies to consciously look to the future.

The purpose of Bi Factory is to provide methods, tools and functional-predictive models.

It is aimed primarily at those (within the company) who guide business processes so that they can orient themselves in their choices, act and implement strategies linked to the evolution of their market.

Bi Factory operates through an approach that considers three levels: methods, people and technologies, enabling more effective management of the «data assets» of companies

Its stakeholders are BDM with decision-making functions that require qualitative, reliable and immediate information on which to base their choices (KPI’s), business orientation and strategic planning, even complex and «vision».

«The sponsorship of Bi Factory is very important for us,» said Michele Iurillo, founder of the Data Management Summit. «The company is interesting for its proximity to the event in Pavia and for its international trajectory, in both editions of the summit will be present to support the event.

«We believed in the event from the very beginning because of the enthusiasm of the organizers and because we were intrigued by the formula,» said Walter Gabetta, Marketing and Commercial Relations Manager of BI Factory. «Even though we play at home in the Italian edition, we are eager to discuss new perspectives with other realities in the event in Madrid”.

Data Management Summit in Pavia (Italy)

The first Italian edition has the strong support of the University of Pavia, a historic institution with a historic and beautiful headquarters will be held on September 17 from 9.00 to 17.30. With an agenda that will be unveiled in the coming days. 

Data Management Summit in Madrid

This year, the second edition of the DMS, an international event dedicated to data management professionals, will take place in Spain on 16 October at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The DMS is a key event for CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, business intelligence managers and data scientists who implement, in companies and organizations, emerging technologies to solve technology challenges and align with new business opportunities. 

About DMS Events

The challenges of self-service BI, machine learning, and artificial intelligence will dominate the future of data. The conference will allow participants to immerse themselves in the latest trends in data and analytics, focusing on emerging technologies that will offer the greatest opportunities for impact within the organization.

The event is free but with limited places and each application will be evaluated by the admission committee formed by the organizers. Selections will be made using the LinkedIn profile. For submit your attendee’s application follow this link

The day’s program includes several technical presentations on Data Management, Data Governance, Security, Analytics, Machine Learning and Cloud, among others.

About Synergo!

Social Colliders for Business Improvement

In today’s business world, relationships are more important than transactions. At Synergo! we know how to get there and where to get there, we have almost all the answers to your questions. Our network of contacts is extensive and demonstrable, our deep knowledge of the Spanish and Italian business world makes us the specific partner to build a strategy to reach with a value proposition to those who should and want to listen. We have demonstrable experience in opening market in Italy for technology and startup companies.

Data Virtualization, Business Intelligence & Data Governance

Companies use these systems to detect or select sets of indicators. The information collected and processed confers the ability to correctly assess the market direction, identify strengths or weaknesses and measure progress against clear objectives. If your organization has more data than you can monitor then you need Business Intelligence. Synergo! is a certified partner of Targit, a leading Danish company in business intelligence applied to Microsoft Dynamics environments. References: Milar Electrodomésticos, Tien 21, Sinersis, Comelsa. Synergo! is also a partner of Querona, a powerful Data Virtualization tool that transforms any data source into an SQL query. Synergo! organizes the Data Management Summit, an event of international relevance on Data Management.

Strategy with OKR

The Synergo! team has led different strategic plans for collectives, territories and SMEs. Demonstrable experience in the strategic process is a relevant factor within our consulting offer. Within these processes of competitive improvement, we have led the realization of different clusters in European projects. References: Strategic Plans of the Asturian Villas, Strategic Plan of Decelera, Strategic Plan of the Viability of Euskadi. We use the OKR methodology for the development and monitoring of Strategic Plans for business groups, SMEs and startups.

Come with us…

Synergo! is formed by a group of liberal professionals who join together to generate synergies and add value to projects.

The people who make up Synergo have worked in management positions for companies for many years and we have experience in different areas. If you think you can add your skills to the Synergo! team, please contact us. We are not going to give you a payroll, but tools so that you can have your own clients and manage them autonomously with the capabilities of other members of Synergo!