The Data Management Summit lands in Italy

Italian Version

The international event dedicated to data management professionals will be held on 17 September at the University of Pavia. We are looking for other international locations for our future events. The DMS it’s a no profit and vendor-free event.

Thanks to the collaboration of the University of Pavia, also in Italy it will be possible to attend the Data Management Summit, a non-profit event dedicated to professionals in the field of Data Management.

What is DMS?

A fundamental meeting for CIO, CTO, CDO, System Director, Business Intelligence Manager, and Data Scientist who implement emerging technologies to solve technological challenges and align with new business opportunities.

The challenges of self-service BI, machine-learning and artificial intelligence will dominate the future of data. The day will allow participants to immerse themselves in the latest data and analysis news, focusing on emerging technologies that will offer the greatest opportunities for impact within the organization.

The event is free but with limited places and each application will be evaluated by the admission committee formed by the organizers. Selections will be made using the linkedin profile.

The day’s program includes several technical presentations on Data Management, Data Governance, Security, Analytics, Machine Learning and Cloud, among others.

Data management professionals are involved in a wide range of activities to ensure that a company benefits from its investment in data. We will work on many topics including architecture, modeling, definition, quality, data and metadata management.


We have chosen the University of Pavia as our partner for this Italian edition. The DMS has always sought contact with the university world: the Spanish edition of 2018 was held at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and that of 2019 at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

The mission is to create an exclusive event to guide the data management community in the technological landscape by talking about solutions and not platforms. The event is intended to be an open discussion forum to share experiences and use cases. A bridge with the academic world and new generations who want to bring experience and learn from what is actually done in companies in the field of data.


The Data Management Summit Italia will be held on Tuesday 17 September from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. at the University of Pavia Via San Felice 5/7 – The Spanish edition will be held on Thursday, October 16, always from 9:00 to 17:30 at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

How to register

Request to participate in the event by following this link.

Only the profiles of CIO, CDO, CTO, System Directors, BI Manager, IT Consultants, IT Department will be admitted. It is mandatory to insert the LinkedIn profile in the form. Filling in the form is not to be considered admission. Admissions will be confirmed by e-mail before the event.

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Why Pavia?

Some contributions of the University of Pavia to the progress of Humanity: the cardan joint, the probabilistic calculation, the abolition of torture, artificial insemination, the measurement of electrical power (volts), the fight against malaria, the safe caesarean section, pneumothorax, the treatment of tuberculosis, the structure of the central nervous system, the Golgi apparatus, serotonin, the Nobel Prize winners Moneta, Natta and Rubbia and much more.

A commitment that continues to this day in an innovative, interdisciplinary and international university, with a focus on the development of a new and innovative:

  • 18 Departments (from molecular medicine to musicology)
  • 86 Courses including Bachelor, Master and Master degrees with a single cycle (of which 9 in English)
  • 18 Doctorates
  • 6 Master in English
  • 15 Master of first level
  • 23 Second level master
  • 4 Further education/updating courses
  • 44 Postgraduate Schools
  • 70 Research centers
  • 3 Research hospitals (San Matteo, Mondino, Maugeri)
  • The seat of the University Institute of Higher Studies
  • 25,000 National and international students
  • 20 colleges established since 1561
  • 9 museums
  • 30 libraries
  • 3,000 scholarships and special funds to support students from developing countries
  • More than 800 international partnerships
  • More than 700 Erasmus exchange agreements and 300 for Erasmus Internships

All this in Pavia, one of the most beautiful Italian cities, wherein an area of about a mile in diameter, university students can enjoy extraordinary works of art, nature, and sport, all those wonders that characterize the culture, crafts, Italian food but also campuses, research centers at the forefront of medicine, the study of earthquakes, nuclear physics, and other frontier issues. In short, a «golden mile of knowledge.»

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Chapter Development

To set up an event of this nature requires public and private collaboration, it is necessary local support we use the formula of the chapter. In each country there are different referents who are in charge of proposing content, looking for sponsors and promoting the event locally.

The ideal location is a Public University. We believe that an independent event cannot be hosted in the headquarters of a technological vendor, we want to put students in contact with the business realities within Data Management. If you plan to open a DMS chapter in your country do not hesitate to contact us.

What We Need From University

We need space for 70/80 people for case presentations and roundtable discussions. We need a classroom or another space with tables of 8 people maximum to make the dynamic group and space for catering. For both spaces, we need a projector and a megafony suitable for the room. We need an internet connection for internal use and for the attendees. Eventual availability of student volunteers for the logistical organization (not mandatory)

I would be proud to have a speech from the University. We would be honored to have the rector at the opening ceremony. We need the authorization to use the university logo to promote the event and for communication.

With the allocation of space, the University is automatically a sponsor of the event at no other cost.

International Development

We are interested in developing the DMS in the following countries: Germany, France, Denmark, Holland, Portugal.

Contact us for more info.


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