Sara Bozzo as one of the speakers at the Data Management Summit in Madrid

Italian Version – Spanish Version

We reveal day by day all those professionals who will participate with their presentations within the most important event of Data Management. For the first time, a forum tries to focus on data management in its entirety, from government, through security, cloud, automatic learning, data virtualization and much more. Today we present Sara Bozzo Ceo from Factory Software

Tell us a little about your professional career

I started as a programmer in 1996 in Visual Basic, and then adopted the world of Microsoft in the early 2000s.

Since then, I have dedicated myself mainly to data analysis, following the developments that the SQL platform has had over time.

What are your challenges, what do you like to do with data?

I like to extract data from Insight: extrapolate it, analyze it and present it in the best possible way so that it becomes useful information for the business. 

Do you think companies have the right culture to handle data properly?

No, unfortunately, we believe that the «data culture» is not yet mature. We think events like the DMS are important moments because you can contaminate yourself with ideas and spread knowledge about the importance of data.

What are the most important challenges for CIO, CDO, CDO, CDO, CTO in 2020?

One of the most complex challenges I believe is to make the Data accessible to all Stakeholders so that they can make decisions based on concrete and consistent data in a timely and forward-looking manner for the company, especially for the purpose of an effective business strategy.

What do you want to talk about at the Data Management Summit?

IoT Smart Project, a business case we have covered in the field of wind energy.

You have supported the event from the beginning. Why did you do that?

Yes, we are sponsors in the Italian edition, precisely because, as I said, we believe in the importance of spreading the data culture. 

About the DMS

The challenges of self-service BI, self-learning, and artificial intelligence will dominate the future of data. The event will allow participants to immerse themselves in the latest trends in data analysis, focusing on emerging technologies that will offer the greatest opportunities for impact within organizations.

The events are free, but with limited places and each entry has been evaluated by the admission committee formed by the organizers. The selection is made through the LinkedIn profile.

The conference program includes several technical presentations on Data Management, Data Governance, Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Quality, Security, Analysis, Mechanical Learning, and Cloud Computing, among others.


We have chosen the Department of Economic and Business Sciences of the University of Pavia as a partner of this Italian edition. The DMS has always sought contacts with the university world: the Spanish edition will be held at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

The mission is to create an exclusive event to guide the data management community in the technological landscape by talking about solutions and not platforms. The event aims to be an open discussion forum for sharing experiences and use cases. A bridge with the academic world and new generations who want to provide experience and learn from what is really done in companies in the field of data.


The Italian event was already held on 17 September in Pavia, while the Spanish event will be held on Wednesday 16 October 2019 at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación, Avenida Complutense, 30 – Madrid (Spain).


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