Miguel Cruz (Reale Seguros) one of the Speakers at the Data Management Summit in Madrid

Spanish Version

We are revealing day after day all those professionals who are going to participate with their lectures within the most important event of Data Management. For the first time, a forum tries to focus on Data Management in its entirety, from governance, through security, cloud, machine learning, data virtualization and much more. Today we present Miguel Cruz New Business Director (a member of the Executive Committee) de Reale Insurance

Tell us a little about your professional career

My background is based on two main sectors, Telco and insurance. At the beginning of my professional career, I had the opportunity to participate in the launches of Airtel Móvil (now Vodafone) and Uni2 Telecomunicaciones (now Orange). 

Then move on to the insurance sector. In Segucaixa Adeslas as Director of Alternative Channels, in Cigna Life Insurance as Director of Marketing and in Reale as, once again, Director of Marketing and Clients and for the last year as Director of New Business. In the latter two companies, as a member of the Management Committee in Spain.

What are your challenges, what do you like to do with the data?

The main challenge in all organizations is to make data a business value by defining highly segmented marketing strategies.

Do you think companies have the right culture to manage data differently?

To be a Data-Driven company or, in other words, to have data as the epicentre of actions. In fact, it is not usual for organizations to empower their workers to apply data and analysis to the resolution of business problems.

Having the right culture to manage data differently means seamlessly managing the four most relevant pillars in this regard:


  • Integrated data management and support
  • Good data quality
  • Analysis tools
  • Ability to drive action from analysis


What are the most important challenges for CIOs, CDOs, CTOs in 2020?

More and more data is being obtained, of a very different nature and from different channels. The information can be in text, videos or photographs and reach through social networks, websites or multiple platforms. So, how can these multi-structured data be collected? How can they be analyzed? This is today one of the biggest challenges facing Big Data and, therefore, the CIOs, CDOs and CTOs.

What do you want to talk about at the Data Management Summit?

How the use of data is transforming different industries and predicting results until recently unthinkable. 

From the beginning, you have supported the event Why?

Because I consider that Deyde is a reference in the world of data management and it is a pleasure to be invited to give my contribution to this event.