DAMA will be present in the DMS with Fabrizio Scuri

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We unveil day after day all those professionals who will participate with their speeches within the most important event of the Data Management. For the first time, a forum tries to focus on data management in its entirety, from governance, through security, the cloud, automatic learning, data virtualization and much more. Today we introduce you Franco Scuri member of the Board of Directors of DAMA Italy

Tell us a little about your professional career

I graduated in mathematics in 1988 and after a short period of teaching, I started working in the world of software development. After a first phase related to software programming in management, I worked on data warehousing solutions in various fields. Subsequently, I had the opportunity to cover the role of CEO in major industrial groups. Today I am President of Centro Padane which deals with the management of provincial roads in the provinces of Brescia and Cremona as well as being present in the Board of Directors of Dama Italy since the founding of the Italian chapter.

What are your challenges, what do you like to do with the data?

Data is a considerable source of information and necessary to understand phenomena. Very often there are basic data, but there is a lack of solutions that can transform them into KPIs, transforming them into «little» information with which to govern the activities. We, therefore, like to start from the existing situation to understand what can be done by processing, grouping, analyzing the data to get to have all the levers to make informed decisions.

Do you think that companies have the right culture to manage data in a different way?

Too many companies don’t understand the wealth of information they could process from what they already have. For example, in production companies often make new installations of machinery thinking only of production capacity, without thinking of them as a source of important information to improve production management. Training is needed not only for CIOs but also for all the staff who deal with the business. 

What are the most important challenges for CIO, CDO, CDO, CTO in 2020?

The most important challenge is to be always ready for innovation, to question oneself without preconceptions and to involve the whole company in a different way of working. Technology is making great progress and will continue to make great progress in the future, so the CIOs, CDOs, etc. must seize all the potential that is proposed to us.

What do you want to talk about at the Data Management Summit?

I’ll talk about Dama Italy, the Italian chapter of the International Data Management Association, the main international organization for data management professionals. We want to create an Italian community of data management professionals and make each member responsible for becoming a fundamental resource for the organizations to which they belong. The training of all company subjects, in the various roles they hold, is the basis of the success of the companies of the future.

You’ve supported the event from the beginning. Why did you do that?

The sensitivity of professionals, companies and also public opinion to the issue of data management must grow and this summit is well placed in this direction.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I hope that the culture of data management will grow at all levels of society, both public and private. The companies of the future must think about the product, but also to have all the tools to make the best choices and follow the change.

About DMS

The DMS is a unique event to guide the data management community in the technological landscape, talking more about solutions than platforms. It wants to be an open discussion forum to share experiences and use cases. A fundamental summit for CIO, CTO, CDO, CDO, System Director, Data Scientist who implement emerging technologies to solve new technological challenges and align with new business opportunities.

Only CIO, CDO, CTO, Systems Director, BI Manager, IT Consultant, IT Department profiles will be accepted. It is mandatory to insert the LinkedIn profile in the form. Filling in the form will not be considered an admission. Admissions will be confirmed by e-mail. The web address for participants is: http://datamanagementsummit.org