Cesar Pecharroman from Jacob Holms & Sons will tell us how to formulate and execute a correct MDM strategy.

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We are discovering day after day all those professionals who are going to participate with their papers within the most important event of Data Management. For the first time a forum tries to focus on Data Management in its entirety, from governance, through security, cloud, machine learning, data virtualization and much more. Today we present Cesas Pecharroman Castro, Global IT Manager at Jacob Holms & Sons, Jacob Holm is a multinational founded in 1794 and has production plants in France, Spain and the United States. More than 700 employees produce nonwovens for the consumer wipes, industrial, beauty care, hygiene and health care markets. Our product portfolio consists of highly respected industrial brands, including Sontara®, Softesse®, SoftFlush® and SoftLite®.

Tell us a little about yourself and your career.

The truth is that my career has always been related to IT and data. Already from my university studies in Statistics, I knew that the world of data was my thing. I started trying to explain the reality that surrounds us and the future that awaits us based on data, doing what is now called Data Science, now very fashionable, but at that time, almost nobody knew about it. 

Later I entered the world of Data Warehousing, and subsequently the last few years I have been alternating and sharing IT Management functions with Data Governance so I have been lucky enough to be able to enjoy and suffer all the possible Data scenarios as well as the integrations between them. 

I have also been fortunate to always be able to collaborate with leading international companies in their sector, which has made it easier for me to see different environments, culture

What are your challenges, what do you like to do with the data?

My challenge is to make life easier for my users through data, I know it’s not a simple challenge, but every day we progress a little bit more towards the goal.

Do you think companies have the right culture to manage data differently?

Unfortunately I think we are still far away, although it is true that thanks to the digital transformation, companies are showing greater interest in the part of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, although many times still do not pay much attention to the simple fact that no matter how much artificial intelligence you use and no matter how much magical algorithm you implement, if your data are junk, your results will be junk.

What are the most important challenges for the CIO, CDO, CTO in 2020?

To be able to accommodate the demand for information that the client demands and requires the Board of Directors, who are seeing in the street the speed of Facebook or Amazon or Google, with the real possibilities of the business and the limited resources available.

Unfortunately, it is always obvious that Facebook, Google or Amazon, started long before the others and spent many years with trial and error, until they found the right key. So you have to get to that level, without the additional filming time.

What do you want to talk about at the Data Management Summit?

I will talk about MDM, we will try to expose in a simple way which are the fundamental steps to achieve a Master Data management strategy that allows us to have reliable information, allowing us to successfully implement all our digital transformation projects.

Since the beginning you have supported the event Why?

I think it is an event with a perfect format in time and form that covers all aspects around the Data, something that is not easy to find today.

Do you want to add anything else?

Just to thank Michele and the rest of the organization for giving me the opportunity to be part of this magnificent Data Management Summit.

About DMS

http://datamanagementsummit.org is an exclusive event to guide the data management community into the technology landscape, talking more about solutions than platforms. It wants to be an open discussion forum to share experiences and use cases. A fundamental summit for CIO, CTO, CDO, System Directors, Data Scientists who implement emerging technologies to solve new technological challenges and align with new business opportunities.

New technological challenges, from self-service to automatic learning and artificial intelligence, will dominate the future of data. The day will immerse attendees in the latest advances in data and analysis, focusing on emerging technologies that will offer the greatest opportunities for impact within your organization.

The Formula

The event is free but has limited places and each application will be evaluated by the admission committee formed by the organizers, using Linkedin’s profile. The program of the day includes different technical interventions on Data Management, Data Governance, Security, Analysis, Machine Learning and Cloud among others.

The program also foresees a group dynamics among attendees, speakers, lecturers, teachers and students and a round table with the participation of vendors and the most important players of the Data Management market. 

Why DMS?

Data management professionals participate in a wide range of activities designed to ensure a company benefits from its investment in data, including enterprise architecture, data modeling, data definition, data quality, data management, and metadata management. 

The event wants to be a bridge to the academic world and new generations who want to bring experience and learn from what is actually done in companies in the field of data.


Only CIO, CDO, CTO, Systems Director, BI Manager, IT Consultant, IT Department profiles will be accepted. It is mandatory to insert the LinkedIn profile in the form. Completion of the form will not be considered an admission. Admissions will be confirmed by email. The web address for attendees is: http://datamanagementsummit.org