Beatriz Moreno Rodriguez from Naturgy will speak about Data-Driven Energy at the Data Management Summit

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We are revealing day after day all those professionals who are going to participate with their talks within the most important event of Data Management. For the first time, a forum tries to focus on Data Management in its entirety, from governance, through security, cloud, machine learning, data virtualization and much more. Today we present Beatriz Moreno Rodriguez de Naturgy

Tell us a little about your professional career

Since the beginning of my professional career I have been close to the world of data, I started at BMW in Germany starting the area of Business Intelligence and developing the first insights for the areas of sales and products, through an experience in the area of consulting in PWC and then IBM working in turn on data projects. 

For some years now I have been working at Naturgy where I have had the privilege of carrying out tasks in different business areas, being able to work with data from different perspectives, from the Organization Area and processes, knowing the life cycle of data in our core and business processes, going through the Transformation Projects area where I had the opportunity to participate in the first person of the integration with Unión Fenosa and carry out large transformer projects, later leading the Business Intelligence area for all our customer service processes and revenue cycle in Latin American countries and recently for almost two years as head of Corporate Data Governance. 

What are your challenges, what do you like to do with data?

The data and all the knowledge around it is one of the levers of transformation in the new digital environment.

Having end-to-end data management capabilities is an essential and critical factor.

My challenges are to create a data-centric culture in my organization, to help us understand in all spheres the importance of ‘professionalizing’ figures dedicated to ‘taking care’ of data and exploiting it. That we understand and that we manage to have talented people dedicated to all these activities.

Achieve progress on the path to provide the company with the necessary means to be able to manage based on decisions «data-driven» throughout the value chain.

Do you think companies have the right culture to manage data differently?

I think we are on the right track, we still have a long way to go but we have begun to take the first steps and that is already very important. 

What are the most important challenges for CIOs, CDOs, CTOs in 2020?

  • Data-driven culture
  • Training and talent 
  • Accompany business strategies with the necessary data strategies to support them
  • Democratize data access throughout the organization at all levels
  • Develop and implement key pieces for data governance
  • Flexible architectures that allow data to be exploited under the best conditions

What do you want to talk about at the Data Management Summit?

How we at Naturgy are developing the road to Data Driven Energy. The strategy adopted at Naturgy is based on capacity building and development of technological foundations and data governance & analytics through the planned execution of business value data programs and projects. This has allowed us to advance in the realization of a business roadmap with priority digitization programs where we have been able to demonstrate the value of a data-driven management.

From the beginning, you have supported the event. Why?

Having spaces to share, collaborate and debate is very enriching and very necessary in disciplines still in development such as ours.

About DMS is an exclusive event to guide the data management community into the technology landscape, talking more about solutions than platforms. It wants to be an open discussion forum to share experiences and use cases. A fundamental summit for CIO, CTO, CDO, System Directors, Data Scientists who implement emerging technologies to solve new technological challenges and align with new business opportunities.

New technological challenges, from self-service to automatic learning and artificial intelligence, will dominate the future of data. The day will immerse attendees in the latest advances in data and analysis, focusing on emerging technologies that will offer the greatest opportunities for impact within your organization.